Rise Up! is a book about joy, a deep inner joy one can never achieve without God’s grace and mercy. By the time you’ve reached the end of this book, you will be able to identify what’s holding you back, and move forward to reach solutions in your life.

You will build your faith, breaking chains, and the negative ideas you have about yourself will no longer have a stronghold over your life. Those thoughts and lies will be replaced with the powerful truth of who you are and joy will begin to rise up inside of you. You will receive practical tools and biblical principles that will ignite a new flame of hope in your life.

Brenda Epperson-Moore’s new book is now available at your favorite bookseller.  Just click any of the links below to purchase your copy of this inspirational book.

“This book inspires us all, no matter what life may throw us, to Rise Up! and out of any circumstance.”

Lisa Osteen Comes
author of You Are Made for More

“With her full transparency and vulnerability, Brenda Epperson-Moore is leading and inspiring us on a supernatural new journey to find joy and purpose in our lives. . . . I truly believe every reader is going to receive a personal revelation to go to a new level with Jesus and be filled with joy by knowing their identity.”

Isik Abla
author of I Dreamed Freedom and My Supernatural Encounter

“Rise Up! personifies perseverance, God’s grace, and relentless faith. . . . If you are feeling defeated, this book will inspire you to get up, just as Jesus got up, and you will too! Rise Up! is the best book I’ve read all year. Do yourself a favor and buy one for yourself and ten to give away.”

Frank Shelton Jr.
2020 Olympics Chaplain, Tokyo

“In Brenda’s new book Rise Up! you will learn the secret to a life of joy, how the word of God and prayer can change even the most terrifying circumstances, and why no matter what you’ve been through, God loves you and has an incredible plan for your life!”

Wendy Griffith
co-host of 700 Club and author of You Are a Prize to be Won

About the Author

Brenda Epperson-Moore is an actress, singer, host, and writer who achieved early fame as Ashley Abbott, the lead character in CBS’s The Young and the Restless and is a Sony TriStar recording artist. Born in North Hollywood, California, she is the daughter of a famed musician and actor, Don Epperson, who suffered an untimely death when Brenda was six years old. Brenda takes her passion, talents, and her entertainment industry connections to outreach programs and organizations that touch the lives of the broken, battered, and abused. She is a contributing author to the book Blessedness of Brokenness (2012). Brenda is a sought-after speaker and sings nationwide using her international platform to encourage, empower, and remind us all that joy and the indomitable power of God is attainable for all of us. She is married to the love of her life and is raising three beautiful daughters.

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