People often ask me where I find such strength, I simply reply God. I want to thank my family and friends who have always been there for me. I believe nothing is impossible with God! Remember It just Takes ONE. -Brenda Epperson

Brenda Epperson is recognized for her inner beauty and her many talents in the entertainment industry. She acts, sings, hosts, and writes. Most recently, she has created and is the founding Co-Director of an uplifting, faith-based conference for women: The Ascend Conference for Remarkable Women. Her entertainment industry experience has given her the tools on an international scale.

Born in North Hollywood, California, Brenda is the daughter of famed musician and actor Don Epperson. Don was originally born in Kentucky. His success moved him around the U.S.A. as he charted two top 10 hits while signed with RCA/VICTOR. He is also known for co-starring role with western legend John Wayne in the feature film Big Jake.

Don’s untimely death at the tender age of 32 left his widow, Sherry, to raise their two daughters, Brenda and Deborah. After her husband’s death, Sherry moved her family to a small logging town called Dallas, Oregon.

Brenda felt a little out of place going from an urban to a rural environment. She had her father’s talent and her faith. She focused much of her time on singing and sports. One of her favorite authors is Ann Kiemel. Her book “I’m Out to Change My World” set Brenda on a path to do the same. One soul at a time.

Brenda’s passion for singing developed at an early age. She grew up performing in churches and schools. In high school, she was chosen as the youngest singer for a jazz vocal group and went on to win numerous awards for her music.

After graduation, Brenda toured the Far East singing for the King of Thailand and other dignitaries. She experienced that music broke barriers between people of different languages and faiths. Singing specifically was a connecting force across nations.

Brenda felt she was born to perform and to inspire others. She returned to Los Angeles from Oregon with $100 in her pocket, a big dream and a bigger God. While waitressing one day, Brenda was asked to audition for the lead role on a major soap opera. She was cast as Ashley Abbott on the day time CBS series, The Young and the Restless. Brenda’s starring role spanned over eight years and gave her international recognition. Her career allowed her to connect with numerous people as she continually crossed borders and broke boundaries.

Her film career began with a starring role in the HBO romantic comedy, Amore, where she portrayed a young singer. She is also credited with a song on the soundtrack. She went on to star with Swoozie Kurtz in the children’s movie, Storybook. Next up, was a Lifetime movie, Follow Your Heart, with Ted McGinley and Leah Remini. Brenda performed two songs for this soundtrack along with Anita Pointer (Pointer Sisters) and Philip Ingram. Brenda won the coveted Angel Award for best song duet for If You Believe.

Brenda’s life hit the covers of magazines and television shows with in-depth reporting. Westlake Malibu Lifestyle (2017)Women’s World, TV Guide, Soap Opera Digest, USA Today, LA Times, Allo! (France) and Telepoche (France) all published extensive stories. People Magazine covered her wedding with an eight page spread. Brenda has been featured on shows such as Oprah, CNN, CBS Morning News, TBN, The Howie Mandel Show, E! Entertainment, PAX, and Good Morning New York. Most recently, Brenda was truly honored to share her story on CBN the 700 Club, and TBNUPLIFT NETWORK Recently aired THE HIGH ROAD in which Brenda was a guest as well as SEGMENT PRODUCER.

Acting was a wonderful launch to Brenda’s career but her heart stayed with music. She focused on her musical endeavors and was chosen to sing two songs on the soundtrack for the limited release movie, Knockout, alongside Jose Feliciano and Winans. Brenda signed with Sony Tri/Star LTC. She opened for Lionel Richie on his world-wide tour. Check out Brenda’s latest hit, I Cry Freedom. Written and performed by herself, this song is truly from Brenda’s soul. It made the Top 30 on the national radio ranking AC Charts.  Brenda is currently writing and collaborating with Nashville Producer Tim Miner, placing songs on movies and soundtracks.

Brenda takes her passion, many talents and entertainment industry connections to outreach programs and organizations that touch the lives of millions. She speaks to the youth of today sharing her story, her heart, and her passion for God by encouraging others to find their inner strength.

Outreach to the broken, battered, and abused has inspired Brenda to partner with several organizations and charities to reach those in need. Brenda has tirelessly worked with such organizations as Hollywood Urban Project (H.U.P.) to teach inner city children though music that their importance and worth. Brenda is on the board of directors of Idle Tuesdays a non-profit studio helping young artists find their voice and thrive.

Brenda recently spearheaded fundraising events for Multiplied, a non-profit organization focused on abused and abandoned young women across the nation.

For years Brenda has hosted The CANTINA’S Music Festival, which can be seen on GODTUBE. You can also see Brenda as the Host of Actors E and G_D In Hollywood.

I want to affect the world, and not let the world infect me.”   -Brenda Epperson

Her goal is to connect people to God through any media format they choose.  Brenda is the contributing author to the book Blessedness of Brokenness (2012), where Brenda was a contributing writer, magazine articles she writes, her website, and blog contributions, like MICI and, radio, television, on stage–even through smart phones.

In 2012, God tapped Brenda on the shoulder and prompted her to start a Women’s conference. As the founding Director in 2013, ASCENDWOMEN.ORG  brought in over 550 Women in attendance. Brenda shared her heart along with speakers and guests such as, Congress Women Michele Bachmann, Isik Abla, Nancy Alcorn, CeCe Winans and Lisa Osteen-Comes. Brenda knows that, through this conference, women’s lives are being saved, their souls set free, and His name is truly glorified.

Brenda is blessed to be married to the love of her life, and is raising three beautiful daughters. Her family is her pride and joy, yet Brenda wants her legacy to be known not for her talents in entertainment, but for the people she has helped, encouraged and inspired.

She has experienced that nothing is impossible with God …If you Believe.