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The other night while on the phone with my mom, she said, “Remember, Brenda? Remember, when you were a little girl, how much you loved Disneyland?” I said, “Yes.” Then she said,…
February 16, 2017  |   Blog  |   0
Recently I went with this amazing group of friends and family to hand out presents to those in need.
January 28, 2016  |   Blog  |   0
The past couple months have dramatically reinforced for me that God moves and opens doors in ways that we can never imagine. While we expect not to understand the breadth and depth of God’s…
July 29, 2015  |   Blog  |   0
How do you say goodbye? When my children were babies they depended on me to do everything for them. Now, that they HAVE and ARE growing up, it’s time to let go and say goodbye to life as usual.
January 29, 2015  |   Blog  |   0
Suffering isn’t easy, but trusting God is worth it I came to L.A. to be pursue singing, so when I randomly (and I mean randomly) landed a network soap opera role that lasted eight years, no…
November 4, 2014  |   Blog  |   0
Back to School, Back to Worrying about the Kids Back to School, Back to Worrying about the Kids It’s fall – a time when many little ones start school. It’s a bittersweet season when many…
September 8, 2014  |   Blog  |   0
Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8 No More Fear Anyone out there feel like life has beaten you down to…
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